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Les and Hugh are back with Talking Sheet, talking over the week in ratings news, as well as a look at how premium news sites are scrutinizing the lack of character development in the company presently. We look at how even people like Vince Russo is calling out the lack of characters being created over the last 15 years, and wonder whether that problem resides with Creative or the Talent. Then, we provide an update on UFC response rate to the Observer for the last big Pay Per View event, look at the Snuka Followup, including Dave Meltzer’s meandering report into the origins of WWF and Titan Sports vs Capital Sports. Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez make things Clear As Mud regarding the build to Night of Champions and how well Monday Night Raw was received. Then, Inspector Ringside takes a look at the frequent mentions of ex-WWE Talent. Hugh gives us his views for the week, and then Sealia Bloom joins the show to look at the week in Women’s Wrestling, the Divas Revolution, and Paige & Alicia Fox being kicked out of a local Baltimore bar.

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  1. This show keeps getting better and better. I’m a podcast junkie and this episode is by far the best of the collective week of all of the shows that are out there.

    The UFC Meltzer rant was everything that I hoped someone would say someday. Absolutely dead on.

  2. Wow les again such a hateful tone on this show. You are literally cursing at Dave
    And badmouthjng him from segment to segment.

    I used to love this show of yours. But it has taken such a negative and harsh tone. The constant bashing and negativity and the attacks against dave has now become you’re raison d’être for this show.

    I’ll try a little longer but I’m ready to bail on this show if it’s just an evil toned, dave bashing show. I’m not saying dave is beyond criticism but you’ve really become obsessed with this single aspect of sheets and it’s to the detriment of your show.

    Dave …ufc
    Clear as mud…dave…

    And the Bryan alvarez wannabe antics with cursing – at lease credit the guy for stealing his gimmick.

  3. I think the tone of the show is exactly what is needed. Besides you have Hugh to be more happy go lucky to provide counterbalance if it’s needed. Again as I stated earlier I found this episode to be the single best podcast of the week(and I listen to pretty much everything).

    I find it ironic that Les is labeled as “evil toned” for basically stating what many feel to be the truth in regards to the bs of Dave Meltzer. But at the same time acting like Meltzer and Alvarez don’t just spend a lot of their time espousing “evil toned” diatribes towards whatever they deem necessary.

    If you are doing a podcast/website of internet wrestling reporting, of course it’s going to be filled with stuff about Dave Meltzer considering he is by the far the most prominent reporter. Just like if you cover wrestling, you will fill a show with WWE talk.

    And yes Les definitely “stole” Bryan Alvarez’s gimmick, because as everyone knows Bryan was the first person to scream and curse when he reviews things he finds terrible.

  4. The post raw Meltzer show, the first 28 minutes consisted of Nick Diaz talk.

    It’s ironic how the Meltzer crowd has routinely criticized McMahon for being infatuated with non wrestling stuff, but Meltzer will dedicate not the last part of the post raw show to Nick Diaz, but the opening 28 minutes has to be dedicated to him.

    The second thing about it, is Meltzer’s enthusiasm towards covering MMA stories. He basically phones it in about all things wrestling. Hell even the “crime week” stories, while Meltzer covered them, he didn’t do it with the same zeal than he did Nick Diaz.

    Yes Meltzer covered Nick Diaz being popped for a Marijuana failure and suspended for 5 years by Nevada with more enthusiasm and more energy(in my opinion) than a shooting outside of performance center, multiple firings, and Jimmy Snuka being charged with murder.


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