030 – Raw vs Monday Night Football | A Tale of Two Raw Recaps – Meltzer vs Keller | Sealia on Nikki vs Charlotte | F4W Survey | PWPodcasts | Rear View – 05/18/87

The return of the Mid-Week edition of the Talking Sheet wrestling podcast, which means the RETURN OF THE Rear View segment!

But first, Les, Hugh, and Sealia look at the early reports coming out of Monday’s WWE RAW and how the show faired against the season premier of Monday Night Football. We look at the tale of two Raw reactions, as Wade Keller and Dave Meltzer have very different views on everything from the quality of the show over all, to even the crowd reactions to Sting wrestling on Raw for the first time ever. Sealia breaks down the Divas Championship match between Nikki Bella and Charlotte, and then the gang have some fun taking the recent F4Wonline Customer Survey, wherein Hugh goes off on his very first rant on Talking Sheet over the awful advertising the site feeds to its subscribers. We briefly tough on the odd new PWPodcasts site from PWTorch wherein too-thorough recaps are somehow presented as reviews, and then Les and Hugh jump back in time for a look at the scene in May of 1987 where Curt Hennig may or may not be leaving AWA for WWF, Ted Dibiase is staying with UWF/Crockett, until he isn’t two pages later, Randy Orton’s uncle gets into hot water and TONS more!

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Les Moore

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