033 – MLW resolution | Bauer gets Konnan to capitulate | MSL Returns | F4Wonline Debacle | Jeff Hawkins Guest Star | Steve Austin | Sting Update | Lesnar vs Undertaker | Lucha Underground | Hugh’s Views | Sealia Sees It | Rear View ’87 & more

Our long, questionable nightmare is over, as MLW Radio’s Court Bauer and former ex-co-host MSL relieve listeners of their podcasting network and announce that former Lucha Libre superstar Konnan has capitulated, and backed off his hardcore stance to allow MSL to return to the podcast network with Kevin Sullivan.

Then, Les, Hugh and Sealia are joined by Jeff Hawkins of Shake Them Ropes to talk the news of the week, including the F4Wonline site upgrade debacle, and how delays are causing customer concerns. We talk about the news coming out of the newsletters this week regarding Lesnar v. Undertaker at Hell in a Cell, and how this throws plans for WrestleMania 32 into turmoil. What’s next for Undertaker? What’s next for Lesnar? Will the Rock and Steve Austin be involved? No one knows!

Then, Jeff talks with Hugh Little about Hugh’s Views for the week, plus Jeff and Sealia talk about the complete rundown of Divas News, from Total Divas, to the Paige promo on Raw and the current plans for the NXT Women’s division.

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