04/20/15 – Daily News Update

With Raw on tonight, we’ll be looking for your thoughts on the various coverage on the sites you read. Send us your thoughts on pre-show news coverage and previews to les@sheetsandwich.com.

Still have an open call for site correspondents for anyone who has a membership to the various pay sites out there, particularly if you’re a Torch or PWInsider member drop us a line to les@wrestlingobserver.com.

We have an in-depth look of WrestlingObserver.com/F4Wonline.com (WONF4W) on the site today reviewing everything from their scarce breaking news coverage to how the decision to keep most of their hard news and analysis confined to a weekly newsletter/digest format. We break down the large slate of audio podcasts the site does, breaking and look at the lack of variety across these shows, and how they can improve.

Coming up later this week we’re working on a feature story covering some of the biggest podcasts in wrestling, both paid and unpaid, from how they cover the current scene, whether they break or report news vs whether they report and analyze various shows. Would love to get reader input on what shows they enjoy or that do a good job in this regard.

Monday News Update

** Rob McCarron announced today that Todd Martin would be appearing as a guest on his Shake Them Ropes podcast tomorrow.

** The WONF4W RSS feed for podcast is suffering from a major outage today with members unable to download and listen to shows. According to reports we’ve received, none of the recent shows are downloading to various podcasting apps like Downcast, iTunes or others. There is still no official word from the site on when subscribers can expect a fix, or even addressing the problem, which is just sad, but not surprising.

** PWTorch.com is having a VIP sale, offering a special one-month subscription for $1.31. We should be able to get a membership in the next day or two, so expect additional coverage as well as potentially in-depth site reviews as well.

** WONF4W Pop Culture correspondent Wang made his long anticipated return to the Bryan & Vinny Show last night reviewing WWE movie The Marine 4. He had no context whatsoever for the film, and seemed to struggle with the concept of a sequel as he wondered allowed numerous times why the movie was called Marine 4. Oddly, the question “why was this even made?” never came up.

** The Stu & Pid show is back over on PWInsider.com. We’re not exactly sure if this means the show is back from some sort of hiatus, or whether it’s just back for its weekly edition as there is absolutely no context given for the episode, or what it’s about. The summary simply says it’s available to member’s of the Elite section. Funny, you’d think they’d want to give a teaser to get non-subscribers to consider signing up.

** On Sunday’s Bryan & Vinny Show, Bryan Alvarez suggested the booking idea of having Finn Balor debut as Fandango’s dance partner. Not sure that’s the wisest use of the Real Rockin’ Rolla… I’d imagine this to be a joke, but based on the breakdown Alvarez has recently been suffering due to the prolonged Roma Reigns / Big Show feud, it’s hard to say for sure. (Thanks to Paul Fontaine)


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