065 – The Return | Keller on Shane McMahon | Roadblock to WrestleMania | Is NXT a Long-Term Negative? | Sheik Shoot Explosion 10th Anniversary | Freebirds

It is the epic return of Talking Sheet, as Les, Hugh and Sealia catch up and talk two weeks of coverage. They discuss Wade Keller’s week-long screed against Shane McMahon’s entitlement in working a high profile match at WrestleMania, the jumbled mess of booking heading into WWE’s next Network special, Roadblock, and pundits (like Todd Martin) who still think Roman Reigns is going heel. Hugh’s Views looks at a new Ryan Clingman article on whether NXT might be a long-term negative for the wrestling industry, and tons more. Sealia Sees It brings a treat to the show as she has purchased a used edition of the NEW PICTORIAL HISTORY OF WRESTLING from 1990 with graffiti! (Check out our Instagram at sheetsanwich to see some). She also has been sent some interesting pictures recently that causes us to reminisce about the famous Iron Sheik Shoot interview with Dan Mirade that nearly broke the internet 10 years ago this month!

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