108 – A Look at Wrestle Kingdom 12 Coverage | Omega v. Jericho, Okada v. Naito | New Japan Bias or Goodwill? | Dave Meltzer’s WWE vs New Japan Discrepancies | Comparing Raw Coverage | Ryan Satin

Les Moore takes a look at the coverage of New Japan’s Wrestle Kingdom 12 show from the Tokyo Dome this week, featuring the coverage from many of the tope wrestling review sites like Fightful.com, 411wrestling.com, VoicesOfWrestling.com, PWPonderings.com and PWTorch.com.

Is there a New Japan bias, or has the promotion earned more goodwill from its fans? Les looks at the difference between how “that’s just how they do business” is used as an excuse for New Japan compared to it being considered a negative for WWE.

Raw coverage was interesting this week, and Les breaks it down with a JOUST looking through the lens of the Jason Jordan segment this week, featuring clips of coverage from Bruce Mitchell and Wade Keller, Dave Meltzer, John Pollock and more.

Ryan Satin has once again taken a jab at Chris Jericho in the name of journalism in an “article” that barely should have been a tweet let alone a piece on a wrestling news site claiming to strive toward staying away from “the clickbait BS filling most news sites.”

And finally, we check back in with that intrepid gumshoe, Inspector Ringside, who is shocked to learn a missing persons case has actually been closed for some time!

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