109 – Wrestling Coverage is Problematic | Bruce Mitchell Delivers Where Mike Johnson Fails on CWF Mid-Atlantic, Brad Stutts Story | Questionable Journalistic Integrity from Meltzer, Satin on Elgin

A major question plagues us in pro wrestling coverage this week… what is it good for if it’s not delivering on important stories that shine a light into questionable, or downright unacceptable behavior and activities?

Les Moore and Hugh Little are back together again to look at pro wrestling news coverage on two major topics:

The Ballad of Brad Stutts, and his firing from his role of booker for the independent promotion CWF Mid-Atlantic and its coverage from Bruce Mitchell at PW Torch and Mike Johnson of PWInsider.

GloryPro owner and promoter Mike Elgin’s reaction to, and handling of, allegations that a wrestler he trained and frequently booked sexually assaulted a woman in March, and how that story has been covered by pro wrestling journalists Dave Meltzer and Ryan Satin.

Plus, Hugh Little discovers that Wrestling With Words is now defunct, and pays tribute to all of the great content the site provided him over the last few years, and more!

Les is @prowrestling
Hugh is @HughLittleSheet
the show is @TalkingSheetPod


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