79 – Jerry the King Lawler Arrested | WWE Replacement?| Roster Split Leads to Multiple PPVs } Raw Ratings & Nitpicks | Meltzer & Keller Joust Over Del Rio Skit | Alvarez vs Meltzer on Raw | Money in the Bank | Battle Royale & more!

It’s an epic show as Les, Hugh and Sealia return to talk all the news and reactions to the week in pro wrestling. We look at the coverage of Jerry the King Lawler’s arrest and how that is speculated to play into this weekend’s plans for Money in the Bank…

Speculation leads one to believe that Corey Graves might replace the King on the PPV and Smackdown shows despite any hard facts to back that up.

We look at the week’s reactions to the Roster Split, including who WWE might recruit to help flesh out the current roster of superstars. Inspector Ringside even goes so far as to suggest that this might be previously released talent~!

Dave Meltzer has a hard time discerning between WWE Raw’s opening and a later storyline involving Kevin Owens and Alberto Del Rio.

We continue on with how Sealia Sees It for the week, and Hugh’s Views as well, and end with a lot of speculation and conversation regarding the upcoming WWE Cruiserweight Classic tournament!

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