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025 - Major Coverage of WWE Out of Brooklyn Weekend | Alvarez Tantrum Over Sheet Sandwich | Divas Meltdown | Rear View Wrestling Observer from 05/04/1987

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026 - Comparing Fallout from WWE SummerSlam, NXT & Raw | Meltzer’s Art of Tepid Take | NXT/ROH/NJPW Weirdness | Ross with Keller & Scherer | Hugh’s Views | Sealia on Divas & more

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A veteran viewer and premier penciller, the MeatyFist has spent some 30-plus years watching wrestling and making fun of people through humorous and sometimes hurtful drawings. He makes no apologies.

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  1. mcflash
    September 8, 2015 at 12:33 am — Reply

    Oh he’s wearing a sombrero because he’s Mexican! And the baby too. Classic Meaty.

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