Dirt Sheet Daily Audio – 07/04/16

Here is your Dirt Sheet Daily report for Monday, July 4, 2016. You can listen to the 8-minute audio, including clips from Dave Meltzer, Bryan Alvarez, Kevin Eck and more, or simply read the report below.

Just a reminder to check out our full-length Talking Sheet podcast from this weekend.

Episode 82 features discussion of Konnan’s departure from the MLW network, Ric Flair joining MLW, Vince Russo detractors giving him all the attention he craves, looking at the upcoming WWE Cruiserweight Classic, Hugh Little’s worst nightmare, plus Sealia Bloom reviews two matches from the WWE’s 100 Greatest Matches book. Les also looks at the timeline of the reported Roman Reigns apology to the WWE locker room, and the Cody Rhodes Excursion Theory.

Now, here’s some wrestling news:

** Wrestling Observer Live host Bryan Alvarez claimed Sunday on his radio show that Stephanie McMahon would likely “browbeat” a random WWE Superstar in response to Brock Lesnar recently saying he didn’t care what she had to say in her recent interview with Business Insider.

** Alvarez expects this week’s holiday edition of WWE Raw to be the lowest rated episode in the show’s history, but that it likely doesn’t matter because it’s a holiday and everything will be changing during the upcoming draft and WWE roster split anyway.

** On the subject of the upcoming draft and subsequent roster split, a certain level of skepticism if not outright cynicism, is winning out among paid pundits and former writers.

** This past Thursday Wade Keller interviewed former WWE writer and current blogger Kevin Eck on the PW Torch LiveCast, where Eck downplayed how much the SmackDown and Raw shows would differ, citing Vince McMahon’s firm belief that the overall WWE brand should be a variety show.

** The Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer expressed concern on Wrestling Observer Radio that the roster split will lack the depth required for long term success after speaking with people over the weekend.

** PWInsider and many other wrestling news sites are reporting that ex-SmackDown General Manager Vicki Guerrero will be appearing on WWE Raw tonight.

** WWE Hall of Famer Jerry the King Lawler is expected to be back this week in his role on SmackDown now that his suspension has been lifted.

** Twitter recently deleted the fake accounts claiming to be former WWE manager Bobby the Brain Heenan and his wife Cynthia.

** Ex-WWE Diva and Hall of Famer Tammy Synch has re-engaged her fans on Twitter recently after leaving a 3-month stint in rehab.

** Longtime F4W Online supporter and unofficial Director of Events at for that site, Edward Loredo, better known as Ed in San Antonio, announced Sunday that he is now the women’s wrestling correspondent for HalfGuarded.com.

Loredo’s blames site editor Josh Nason for passing on parts 2 through 4 of his 4-part SHIMMER Road Report.

Nason told Sheet Sandwich that he passed on the columns for ”…several reasons, including reads, writing style and dates of the show…”

Half Guarded was created by former F4W Contributor Michael Coughlin.


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