Meltzer’s Disappointment Palpable Amid Decent Raw Ratings

The hotly anticipated Raw ratings collapse was not to be… at least for another week.

With near anguish in his words, Dave Meltzer admitted Tuesday that last week’s Raw ratings were an aberration born of the show’s taped nature—having broadcast on delay from the UK.

Off and on for the better part of a week, Meltzer would make comments about how this past Monday night’s show would be telling when the ratings came out, because there was “no reason” for the sharp decline they saw last week and that, this week, against stiffer competition due to the NBA Playoffs, Raw could see another doomsday rating.

But it wasn’t to be.

It does appear now that live vs. tape makes a difference with Raw, given last week’s unusually low number and this week being back to normal levels, as Raw did 4.03 million viewers.

That was how Meltzer delivered the news to readers of his website Tuesday, forced to capitulate after years of insisting that live vs tape does not matter much for WWE.



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