Origin of Meltzer’s Cough Revealed

In a shocking turn of events, renowned pro wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer revealed last night on his post-UFC podcast that he suspects UFC fighter Luke Rockhold as giving him the cough that has plagued the wrestling observer for since February.

At the top of last night’s UFC-on-Fox recap audio show, Meltzer informed site partner Bryan Alvarez and special guest Filthy Tom Lawlor that he had found out that Luke Rockhold had been suffering from bronchitis, and Dave—intrepid journalist that he is—suddenly put two and two together, and realized that he had been on a flight with Rockhold a little over two months ago.

According to WebMD research, the incubation period could potentially prove out Meltzer’s theory, as less than a week after this flight, he was suddenly taken ill, and suffering from a cough that has plagued his audio reports ever since.

Members of the Observer site, particularly over at the BOARD~!, have long been wondering with concern about what is going on with this cough, which has even spoiled the audio shows for some listeners suffering from phonophobia, and even misophonia.

While Meltzer seemed elated to know, perhaps, where his cough has come from, there was still a disturbing lack of commentary around the care he is taking to ensure that it goes away.

We here at the Sandwich sincerely hope he is taking care of himself with some sort of maximum strength Tussin along with anti-inflammatory meds to reduce irritation in his lungs.