The Undeserving Kevin Owens?

Wrestling fans continue to do it wrong in the eyes of paid pundits.

When fans chanted “you deserve it” at Kevin Owens following his victory on WWE Raw Monday night, paid wrestling critics were up in arms, blaming fans once again for expressing their passion for the entertainment genre the wrong way.

The thinking is that, since WWE Chief Operating Officer Triple H returned to the show to hand select Owens by interfering in the main event, Owens’ victory is somehow tainted; less than legitimate in this realm of fictional fighting sports.

Triple H (who’s real name is Paul Lavesque, as preeminent wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer is fond of pointing out) returned following a long absence from WWE TV and quickly inserted himself in the main storyline on WWE’s flagship TV show by doling out his dominating finishing maneuver, the Pedigree, to the likes of Roman Reigns and Seth Rawlins.

(EDITOR’s NOTE: This is a draft as I goof around with this new site template. Nothing of true substance to see here quite yet, but you’re free to watch in the meantime…) 


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