092 – Vice on WWE Culture & Shane McMahon Takeover Attempt | Know Your Sheet News From Wrestling Observer, PW Torch, PWInsider | WWE Writer Out | Evolution of Criticism in Wrestling | Linda McMahon | WWE in the UK | Hugh’s Views

A jam-packed show this week, as Les kicks things off with a soliloquy about why he started Talking Sheet and SheetSandwich.com, and what the Sheetys are all about. Hugh also offers his Ode to the Sheetys (which is amazing). Then, the guys do a Know Your Sheet rundown of the news from the week, citing headlines from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, PW Torch, and PW Insider including the departure of Tom Casiello from his role as head of the Raw and SmackDown writing teams.

Les lets us know who made it onto his Sheet List for the week, looking at articles from Barry Hess at Voices of Wrestling, Vice Sports, Dave Meltzer, Keith Harris and Greg Parks, including Les’s thought that we’re at an awkward stage in wrestling coverage where we kind of have Broadway critics reviewing feature films.

Finally, Hugh’s Views takes a look at Hugh’s listen list, including Allan Blackstock and Parv’s interview with Chris Hero on Letters from Kayfabe and a lot more!

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