05/13/15 – Daily News Update

Thank you all for your patience this week. My schedule has been brutal, trying to tie up a lot of loose ends so I can leave town next week for a much needed vacation. I wouldn’t expect much disruption to the site while I’m away, however.

Pleased to announce our next regular feature column on Sheet Sandwich, which will be debuting tomorrow on the site. It’ll be a new, written column companion to our incredibly popular Talking Sheet podcast segment Rear View…

We’re calling it IN DEEP SHEET where we look back each week on Newsletters of yore.

The second edition of our podcast, Talking Sheet is available on the site, including a very popular Rear View look at the Wrestling Observer Newsletter from January of 1987 in what some listeners are already calling the spiritual successor to the now defunct OBSERVOR segments that Todd Martin used to do on his old F4Daily shows with Bryan Alvarez.

We have the second part of our new column Deep Insider is up on the site. This is the column where I document and report on my experiences while I continue my sojourn into the unsavory, questionable realm of Elite Membership at PWInsider.com.

Feedback? News Tips? All correspondence can be sent to Les@sheetsandwich.com

Wednesday News Update

** Correction from yesterday’s update… F4Wonline did not renege on their plans to have JTG on the member’s only F4Daily following their interview with him on Wrestling Observer Live Tuesday. He originally agreed to do it, but then said he had another interview and backed out and the site just didn’t bother to run any update on this development online, and kept their members wondering until later on when Bryan addressed it on the Bryan & Vinny w/ Craig show later that night.

** Doc Young sent me a nastygram telling me it was “…reckless and irresponsible journalism…” not to give more thorough details, so I wanted to clarify that really the issue was more the site failing to be transparent with its paying members in a timely, visible manner on a show previously announced and promoted on the site, and the blame belongs totally to the guest according to Young.

** F4WOnline has an article plugging ChadDulesWrestlingShow.com interview with Matt Sydall, the former Evan Bourne in WWE

** They also have a recap piece on Lady Blossom, Jeanie Clarke, ex-wife of Steve Austin (and commonly acknowledged for coming up with the “stone cold” name) and former valet in World Class Wrestling. She appeared recently on In Your Head Radio.

** PWInsider had the same story here.

** PWInsider had NXT Spoilers for the tonight’s show here.

** And a non-spoiler preview of the match lineup here.

** Lots of sites reporting that Vince McMahon is going in the Boys & Girls Club Hall of Fame.

** PWinsider has a piece covering the Daniel Bryan tweet from yesterday, and news of Kevin Sullivan (WWE books author, not crazy, satanist booker) writing a book on the Undertaker.

** Big E was on AfterBuzzTV Tuesday night, and PWInsider has a recap of the conversation.

** PWInsider also has a recap of a recent Tyler Breeze interview in the Atlantic City Press.

** PW Torch has a CM Punk update here, talking his UFC debut, which could be the end of this year, or very early 2016.

** Also, the Torch has a recap of a Ronda Rousey interview with Ariel Helwani on MMA Hour talking about her desire to return to WWE for more angles.

** F4Wonline is reporting that the confusion of the phantom 3-hour show on May 22 is actually a replay of last year’s Slammaversary.

** WrestleZone has a preview up of next week’s NXT Takeover, with a full lineup.

** They’re “Live” coverage of NWA Starrcade ’83 is here.

** WrestlingInc. is johnny on the spot with lifted coverage from this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter, which landed online today at F4Wonline.

** Dave Meltzer was a guest on Ric Flair’s new podcast today WOOOO! Nation on CBS Play.it. We should have coverage of the show tomorrow.

** Today’s News vs Plugs at F4Wonline.com – News: 869 words. Plugs: 3872 (Fuck’s sake)


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