05/14/15 – Daily News Update

We have an article up on the site today looking at PW Torch editor Wade Keller’s persistent challenges understanding how a USB microphone is supposed to work with his computer, leading to poor quality in his VIP Hotlines and LiveCast shows on BlogTalkRado.

We’ll have the third installment of our weekly, ongoing column Deep Insider up this weekend on the site. I’ve got to say, it’s been really interesting being a member of PWInsider as well as PW Torch and comparing those sites to F4Wonline.com—particularly from a community membership standpoint, which is something I’m sure we’ll be discussing more in the next several days.

Our next episode of Talking Sheet will also be up this weekend. That’s the show where myself and co-host Hugh Little take an in-depth look at the current state of wrestling newsletters week to week, and then take a look at past issues in our Rear View segment.

You won’t want to miss this week’s episode, where we’ll announce our new quiz show segment Know Your Sheet, and explain all the rules and how you can enter to win!

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Thursday News Update

** Despite Dave Meltzer saying in today’s Daily Update at F4Wonline.com that he and Bryan Alvarez have a “Sin Limite” episode of their podcast on the site, the show is actually just the same time limit of all their shows… unless Meltzer thinks that Sin Limite translates from Spanish to “Mail Bag.” Which was the only difference from a normal Wrestling Observer Radio. The old Sin Limite shows Meltzer did with Mike Sempervive used to be over 2-hours in length generally.

** No Kurt Angle on Observer Live or the F4Daily show, either. Bryan Alvarez alluded to the reason not being him jinxing it earlier in the week when Meltzer joked that he had, but rather for reasons that may be addressed next week.

** No reneging was involved.

** Everywhere is reporting that Ronda Rousey has given an interview with the Fight Network where she claims that, someday, somehow, she will make her way back to WWE.

** She was also on Howard Stern. The show sent clips to Wrestling Observer Live today to play.

** PW Torch has a story looking at a Vince McMahon interview in the Chicago Tribune after his Boys & Girls Club Hall of Fame induction for Boys & Girls Club

** They also have a story on McMahon commenting on whether Chicago would ever host a WrestleMania in the future…

** PWInsider has a story regarding WWE Superstars appearing at the NBC/Universal TV Networks upfronts with Hogan, Jericho, Bellas and more… plus coverage of interviews with Dean Ambrose, Renee Young.

** Got a note from my Talking Sheet co-host Hugh Little today putting over Josh Nason’s F4Wonline.com #TBT article recapping a WWE Saturday Night’s Main Event from 2007 which he described as hilarious and fun.

** Interesting to note that, a lot of the contributors to F4Wonline.com, as well as Bryan Alvarez all credit the site as being WrestlingObserver.com—but there is no WrestlingObserver.com… that site re-directs to F4WOnline. You’d think they’d switch that around if they really wanted to brand themselves as WrestlingObserver.com.

** While i liked the Ric Flair podcast this week with Dave Meltzer appearing, it’s hard to call it an interview. It was more like a couple of guys shooting the breeze about wrestling of the past, how they met, and what they thought of each other. That’s the interesting thing to me about Flair’s WOOOO! Nation show on CBS Play.it—it’s as much about Flair as it is the guest.

** Today’s News vs Plugs at F4Wonline.com – News: 1126 words. Plugs: 3340


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