05/20/15 – Daily News Update

Just a few notes to kick things off, sorry for the delays in news updates. I’m currently “on assignment” away from Sandwich Central, so our regular schedule is going to be a little off for about the next week.

We have some exciting new things in the works over the next few weeks, though, that I think everyone is going to enjoy a lot.

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Before I left for vacation, Hugh and I recorded another Talking Sheet episode that we’ll have up this weekend looking at Hugh’s Views on the F4W Community and another Wrestling Observer from January of 1987.

The next Deep Insider should be up on the site later tonight or tomorrow. Sorry for the delay there.

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We should also have the next installment of In Deep Sheet chronicling the evolution of newsletters, including old newsletters that don’t even exist anymore.

Wednesday News Update

** Wade Keller could not be more happy to have poached Todd Martin from F4Wonline, and it’s really showing. On his VIP Audio Monday night he let his listeners know that Martin was on his way to the site, and put over Todd’s experience and how thrilled he was.

** Tuesday, he also posted a vintage audio show about the Zahorian trial, featuring both himself and Meltzer, which some have speculated is Keller trying to underscore how he’s one-upped the Observer this week.

** Also interesting to note: when you sign up for the Torch now, one of the options for reasons why you subscribed includes Todd Martin joining the site

** Martin’s debut on the site is set for Wednesday evening.

** You can check out our coverage of the Todd Martin story here.

** For the third week in a row an advertised guest for F4Daily did not materialize. This week it was Harley Race, and the reason given by Bryan Alvarez was that a time zone difference caused the conflict.

** Last week Kurt Angle was supposed to be the Wrestling Observer Live and F4Daily guest, but he didn’t make it, either. The week before that JTG was a brief guest on Wrestling Observer Live, but backed out of his advertised appearance on F4Daily due to what producer Doc Young called conflicting commitments.

** Bryan Alvarez speculated on his Bryan & Vinny w/ Craig show Tuesday night that one of the reasons WWE is being coy about not releasing details of Daniel Bryan’s injury is because he initially passed an ImPACT test only to then learn that he actually DID have a concussion, so they’re keeping the details sketchy. He also tied his conjecture back to complaints CM Punk had made on the Colt Cabana podcast about what a joke ImPACT tests were.

** He also kind of implied that Sheet Sandwich was the only place allowed to report his speculation on the matter. He made it clear he wasn’t speaking in fact, and maintained that none of his thoughts had been corroborated.

** Dave Meltzer has notes on Triple H’s NXT conference call from yesterday here.

** Torch coverage of the call is here.

** Raw Ratings Doomwatch™ has been postponed this week, as Raw actually did okay numbers Monday night.

** PWinsider has a report of WWE signing a former Belabor fighter named Gzim.

** PWinsider has a brief look at what the Spotify changes mean for Play.it podcast content, including Taz’s show (and presumably others) being available on Spotify.

** F4Wonline.com has a guest column by Steve Helwagen looking at 20 ways to improve pro wrestling. My Talking Sheet co-host Hugh Little really enjoyed it, among others.

** WrestleZone has coverage of the latest Jim Ross Blog post here

** If you can believe it, Vince Russo has another blog up, talking about how the Kevin Owens debut sucked and how Vince McMahon has forgotten how to make stars

** Both PWInsider and WrestlingInc. have stories reporting that TMZ is reporting that Tammy “Sunny” Sytch has signed an adult film deal with Vivid to make hardcore sex films

** Now that Todd Martin has defected to PW Torch, the talk is that Mike Coughlin’s return to the F4W BOARD~! may be imminent. It’s been heavily rumored, in fact, that Coughlin may be planning to return for the King Of the Board tournament just getting under way.

** Tuesday’s News vs Plugs at F4Wonline.com – News: 807 words. Plugs: 3390


  1. Let’s not forget Mike Tenay, who has seemingly been “coming up this Thursday” on WOL for about 3 weeks now…


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