114 – Will WWE Brand Split End? | Elimination Chamber Intrigue | Elgin Booking Backlash Story | Wrestling Journalism Questioned by Sam Roberts | Bixenspan’s Deadspin Response | Wade Keller’s Response | Wrestling Media Surveys

Our show today covers the recent question by Sam Roberts on his podcast of whether journalism in wrestling exists. We look at David Bixenspan’s article on Deadspin regarding the topic, and WWE’s attitude toward wrestling reporters and websites, as well as Wade Keller’s response to the topic on twitter.

But first, the question is now being asked whether or not WWE’s upcoming switch to dual-branded PPV shows could spell the end of the Raw and Smackdown brand split. We explore some of the responses to this question from last week by PW Torch’s Todd Martin as well as Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio.

The final hype for WWE’s Elimination Chamber is behind us, and the show is set for Sunday with a lot of intrigue as to the outcomes from the matches. What will Ronda Rousey do, and will it involve Stephanie McMahon? How will Roman Reigns win the Chamber Match without hurting Braun Strowman’s push, or cooling off Seth Rollins? What will happen when Asuka takes on Nia Jax?

The Michael Elgin story continues to make headlines, this time after he was booked on an AAW Pro show last weekend, prompting promoter Danny Daniels to apologize and vow not to book him again. Dave Meltzer reports that there are other promotions who won’t use Elgin for fear of backlash from fans as well… so why do some still consider this a non-story, or a small-time story that only matters to a “40 fans” on Twitter?

Les breaks down some of the responses to part one of the recent Sheet Sandwich wrestling media survey, as well as what you can look for in upcoming installments.

Finally, Les and Hugh talk the POWER OF POSITIVITY, with a look at the week in things they loved about wrestling, or wrestling coverage.

All this plus more on Talking Sheet.

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