117 – Is WWE Really Listening? | A Commentary on Dave Meltzer’s Mini-Autobiography in the Wrestling Observer | Episode 1 of Finding Pro Wrestling w/ Les Moore & Hugh Little

The guys get back together again to talk over the week in pro wrestling media, including articles by Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp and Deadspin’s David Bixenspan looking at WWE’s tendency to not listen to their fans compared to Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon’s remarks this week touting how WWE’s success is all because the company DOES listen to its fans… Meanwhile, Smackdown Live head creative writer Brian James argues with fans about the Becky Lynch storyline. It’s a fascinating dichotomy.

Les offers his commentary in reaction to Dave Meltzer’s autobiography, which is at once an engaging, interesting tale of the wrestling writer’s early fandom and career writing about the business while also being a defensive, partially self-aggrandizing take from a reporter unwilling to accept even the most reasonable criticism about his work.

Lastly, stick around for the pilot episode of a new, spinoff podcast from Les and Hugh called Finding Pro Wrestling, where the fellas talk about the wrestling they watching for the week, what they loved about it, and what they might be checking out in the near future.

They talk over their thoughts on the Golden Lovers vs Ishii and Will Ospreay from NJPW’s Road to Dominion show last week, as well as thoughts on MLW, les talks about his newfound love of Pentagon Jr. and much more.

Les is @prowrestling
Hugh is @HughLittleSheet
the show is @TalkingSheetPod


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