Hugh’s Views – 07/04/15

Well I did it. I’ve finally put some time in and submitted my Hugh’s Views in print form. I’ve talked about it long enough and it’s time to finally deliver.

Since I’m not a writer I’ll keep this short. I give a lot of shout outs and I refer to a lot of links on Talking Sheet. This will be the place to get my views of not necessarily wrestling coverage (although I will share articles I like), but my experiences with you the people of the community.

Let’s be honest, everyone who reads Sheet Sandwich or listens to Talking Sheet has way more knowledge about wrestling and its history than me. So I enjoy learning about all sorts of things wrestling related from all the Sheet Heads who hook a brother up, and help me find cool and interesting matches and info from the past.

I will also share BOARD~! links for Power Rankings when I can.

Lets just start this thing.

Shout Outs to the Sheet Heads who’ve hooked a brother up with knowledge:

** Adecorativedrop sent me a cool Playlist of Dynamite Kid videos as well as his thread “Your chronologically ordered 5 STAR MATCH links” on the F4W Board.


** ifeellikeamark sent me a few links for Dynamite Kid:

Tiger Mask vs. Dynamite Kid – MSG 1982

Dynamite Kid Vs. Tiger Mask (7-23-82)

NJPW – Dynamite Kid vs. Tiger Mask (05.08.1982)

Tiger Mask vs Dynamite Kid- Match 1


** Ru (@doctordala) Someone I follow on twitter had a write up about Inner City Machine Guns vs Reno Scum with a video that I really enjoyed.


** Marc Geer sent me a classic video of January 3, 1987 Pro Wrestling This week with Joe Pedicino and Gordon Solie with special guest Bill Apter. What a geek Apter was. He nailed it, I was laughing a lot. Very entertaining.


** Lucha Undead sent me a incredible video of Best of Texas Hangmen in Puerto Rico Part 1. This was a rush of adrenaline, as I wanted to jump through the TV and kill them to help the guy in the noose. Thank goodness for Savio Vega!


Shout outs to websites or articles

The past few weeks I’ve talked about this reference with Les, and  it needs to get more attention so dammit I’m going to do my part!

Voices of Wrestling has two really cool references for matches to watch. One is the Matches of the Month and the other is the Matches of the Year. Both can be accessed easily by just hovering your mouse over columns and you will see these options. I’ve said it before, VoW is one of the best, user-friendly wrestling websites out there.


I’ve talked about this topic before: WWE Network needs to add more classic wrestling content, and I want more news websites to help lead the way by keeping this topic in the spotlight.

On June 25, in PW Torch issue #1410, Pat McNeill had a excellent article called “1,000 Hours: Expanding WWE Network” about this matter.

If you are not a member the link won’t work, but I would suggest the subscription. PW Torch is a solid website with lots of news and opinions to choose from.

This article in particular is exactly what I want, and I hope this topic stays in the headlines.


Power Rankings
June 27th – July 4, 2015

  1. Bone MachineIncedibleness in the Dave Meltzer the Body Builder thread
  2. Hunter Hearst HelmyFunny thread
  3. the_real_mp – all around funny in threads here & here
  4. Jack Tunney – funny stuff in this thread
  5. phoenix20191 – For One, Two, Three contributions

Close but no cigar: Splash, Hath, kcstlshi, sphinix, Grammarian, Brad Brains, cavemanatee

Dirt Worst for the Week: Spaghetti



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