Todd Martin Joins PW Torch

In a stunning defection of pro wrestling insider news personalities, long time contributor and co-host Todd Martin has agreed to terms with PW Torch to ply his trade under Wade Keller.

Martin broke the news to his followers Monday evening with a series of tweets thanking Dave Meltzer, his family and friends at saying, “Love you, and have so many happy memories.”
Meltzer wished him the best of luck, and didn’t rule out working together again down the road.

“Best of luck. Thanks for all your work over the years. Hopefully some day we can work together in the future.”

Wade Keller, with glee, announced the coup.

“I’m pleased & proud to announce that @ToddMartinMMA has joined the staff of PWTorch.”

Right now, according to Keller, the plan is for Martin and Keller to do a weekly VIP Audio show together.

Todd Martin had been a venerable mainstay for over a decade, first at, and later after the site merged with to create a wrestling insider news powerhouse.

For 13 years Martin, who began his tenure as a WWE Raw recapper, contributed stories, analysis and leant his voice to a weekly podcast on Bryan Alvarez’s Figure 4 Daily series of audio shows.

So far, all we know for sure is that Martin will be contribution similar content for PW Torch, launching his new, weekly VIP show with Keller this Wednesday.

“I’ve greatly respected Wade’s work a long time. Grateful he’s bringing me on and looking forward to fantastic discussions for years to come.” Martin said of his upcoming role with the Torch.

On his way out, Martin thanked Dave Meltzer who he’s read most of his life, and continues to “admire immensely.”

Martin also took what some could consider a parting shot aimed at the way business was handled last month during the Martin/Coughlin blowup that ultimately lead to both men leaving the site.

“When the chips are down, you find out who has integrity, really has your back and cares about doing the right thing by you.” Martin wrote.

The move comes after weeks of speculation as to Martin’s status on the site, and whether he would ever come back. It was then reported here on the Sandwich that Martin had become disenfranchised by he had perceived to be Alvarez’s non-chalant handling of the blowout Coughlin and Martin had taken part in.

At the time, Sheet Sandwich reported that Alvarez was keen to keep things business as usual, but Martin had wanted more concessions, and called for Coughlin’s ouster, and complete silence about his demands.

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Coughlin eventually relented, and agreed to a punishment brokered by Site Admin Tony Leder, to bow out from the site, accepting a permanent ban himself from the forum.

Martin has barely been seen in association with since April 9th, when tensions between himself and Mike Coughlin boiled over publicly on the F4W BOARD~! forum.

Today’s announcement comes just days after Josh Nason wished Martin well in his future endeavors after telling F4W readers that Martin had withdrawn from the UFC Picks Panel on Saturday.

More as this story develops.


  1. I am happy that Todd starts a new regular show.
    But PWTorch? FCSK. Now I maybe have to continue my PWtorch subscription. I was going to let it lapse when it runs out in a couple of months.

    Listen to any Wade radio show: Every single episode he have to harp about race relations and how evil whitey/wrestling bookers are. I get it. To much racial stereotyping.
    But every single show?

    It just got to much for me whit the “wayback playback”. Even Wade’s shows from 2005 have to have a 5-10 min racial segment per show.

    Bruce Mitchell is even worse. Every single show how much he hate white people. Just f-ing do a show that is entertaining and leave out politics/race.

    (Todd and Meltzer are tribe friends)

  2. What could have been so bad that he had to leave? He got them to fire Coughlin, what more could he have wanted? I get that maybe he didn’t want to continue doing the argumentative style of show he did with Bryan, but on Twitter he just said it was just schtick and there were no hard feelings. Well, there’s obviously SOME hard feelings that you don’t even have the courtesy to thank the guy that gave you a platform that allowed you to even get a job at The Torch.

  3. I am with the Torch now because of Todd. Would love to see what the Todd thread on the BOARD is like now.


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