Here’s why this site exists…

Remember when you felt like you actually got VALUE when you subscribed to a wrestling “dirt sheet”? If you’re anything like me, it’s hard to recall exactly when you last felt that.

These days a lot of the wrestling subscription sites cost as much or MORE than the WWE Network (the same network a lot of these places love to rag on for a plethora of reasons, depending on the week, month, or quarter in which they’re discussing it).

Thing is, though, a lot of what the “Sheets” used to provide has dried up. Vague notions wrapped up in cryptic statements, plans changing, etc. The cynicism is at an all time high, and the analysis at an all time low. The good stuff is few and far between, and the things some of us used to love about even the alternatives to the Big Two (Observer and Torch) have long since been forgotten.

So, I thought, rather than bitch about WWE on message boards, or complain about the lack of really quality analysis or reporting from these websites, why not start this as something fun. In the same time I might otherwise have been live chatting Raw, I could review the “Sheets” and their coverage. Recap the lazy ways a lot of their podcasts have ended up lately and, occasionally, give a few kudos as well (thinking of you, Shake Them Ropes team!).

Anyway, that’s it in a nutshell.

Thanks for reading.