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There were some really great articles written this week and I’d just like to bring more attention to them. Brandon Howard and James Caldwell wrote two incredible articles this week about the entertainment giant that is WWE.

Brandon’s piece on Voices of Wrestling was about the micro managing of the language of WWE and what is and isn’t accepted. They basically want robots that they can program to never mention wrestling or wrestlers. Brandon was really thorough in this article and really breaks down a lot of topics.

Then, later in the week James Caldwell wrote a cover story on the PW Torch #1413 Newsletter about Vince McMahon and just how bad it’s gotten inside WWE. It’s one of the best articles I’ve read. Caldwell basically is asking, what the fuck is going on in the WWE? And then exposes the answers. What really came across as sad was just how toxic the creative process is WWE, and that the writers live in a oppressive world that limits their creativity. It was also glaring to read about all the top level Executives leaving over the past few years mainly because Vince drives everyone away or crazy if they don’t think like him. WWE for years has been able to throw money at any problem and fix it but these days the fans like me are starting to see through the glitz and glam and finding a product that has become repetitive, uninteresting, boring and lost.



The Hoodslam event was this past Friday. My boy Drugz Bunny looked like he was locked in. Since I was unable to go, I look forward to the video package for the show. Their next event is August 7. I’ll get more info and this ASAP. I also want to learn more about Hoodslam and the roster, so I plan on reaching out to them this coming week. They will probably tell me to piss off. lol



The Boom Boom Girls

I always check out my followers on Twitter and one of my newer ones is a lady by the name of Carolin von Petzhold, a director, filmmaker and actress. Well she and her friend made a film called The Boom Boom Girls of Wrestling. It’s an indie film with a budget of 5k that is getting some buzz. For more info check out the write up in the News Los Angeles. I just thought that was cool and wanted to give her a shout out.


Dynamite Kid Vid of the Week

Ok so I’m still on my Journey of learning about DK prior to back injury. This time I check out Dynamite Kid vs Kantaro Hoshiro 4/7/83. Tiger Mask was ringside, and after Dynamite beat Hoshiro with a piledriver and then a flying head butt into a pin, they had a face to face outside the ring. That spilled into the ring while people held them back from each other. I’ve seen a few of their matches so it was nice to see a little storyline set up at the end of this match to really see that these guys wanted a piece of each other.


New Japan Pro World

I’ve been prepping for the start of G1 25 Climax by watching a ton of G1 finals matches NJPWonline put together. So far I’ve watched the first G1 in 1991, Keiji Muto vs Masahiro Chono, 2009 where Nakamura looks so different than he does now, Togi Makabe looked strong in this match. 2010 Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Satoshi Kojima, I really thought Tanahashi was going to win. 2011 Nakamura vs Naito. This was the best match I’ve watched so far. Naito was freaking nuts in this, I loved all his pin attempts they were all so different. My boy Nakamura was badass and looked almost like he does now days. It was a really fun match to watch. I love Nakamura but I really like Naito and could see either of those two winning this years tournament. Although I really really hope its Nakamura, I just love how crazy and weird he acts.

Other great links to use to get to know this years NJPW G1 25 Climax

How to order the G1 tournament 

Voices of Wrestling G1 Climax preview 

F4Wonline’s Beginner’s Guide to G1 Climax

G1 Climax results


Karl Stern’s Dragonkingkarl Classic Wrestling July Marathon

Are you ready for audio gold? If see keep reading. Check out the list below of Karl’s Stern’s Classic Audio Wrestling July Marathon on F4W online. Karl verbally paints a picture of pro wrestling history. I’ve learned so much from these audio treasures and you will too. Some of the early guys from the pioneer era were really interesting characters. It’s over a hundred years of history being told by the iconic voice of Karl Stern give it a listen if you have not already.


July 1 – William Muldoon

July 2 – James H McLauglin

July 3 – Frank Gotch

July 4 – Ed “Strangler” Lewis

July 5 – Lou Thesz

July 6 – Jim Londos

July 7 – Gorgeous George

July 8 – Buddy Rogers

July 9 – Bruno Sammartino

July 10 – El Santos

July 11 – Andre The Giant

July 12 – Terry Funk

July 13 – Superstar Billy Gramham

July 14 – Bob Backlund

July 15 – Dusty Rhodes

July 16 – Harley Race

July 17 – Ric Flair

July 18 – Jerry Lawler

July 19 – Hulk Hogan


Power Rankings
July 19-July 25

  1. Exciter
  2. Hobbes
  3. Crapgame
  4. Helmy
  5. Hungryfreak


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