002 – Torch Gagne Obit | Mystifying F4W Story | Observer 1987

Les and Hugh are back with another edition of Talking Sheet, comparing Wade Keller’s Verne Gagne obituary in the Torch to Dave Meltzer’s Gagne biography in the Wrestling Observer. Hugh gives his thoughts on Torch coverage of Extreme Rules, compared to Meltzer, while Les ponders what that lead story in Figure Four Weekly was about this week. Then, Les & Hugh take a Rear View look at the Wrestling Observer Newsletter from January of 1987.


  1. Love the site and the podcast. Hugh’s laugh is just awesome.

    Can’t wait for you guys to analyze MLW radio. I used to be a subscriber until three things finally got to me: MSL and his absurd character that he insists on playing in each podcast, Court Bauer and Greenberg with their insistence that THEY are the only ones who truly know what the wrestling fans need since they were both somehow on the creative team in WWE and Disco Inferno showing up with Ed “Oklahoma” Ferrara really beating down the old school mentality of booking. Oh and lets not forget Alice Radley with her grating voice, oversized ego and stupid interruptions on the Cornette show. Or how about Cornette constantly rattling on about politics? Yeah even at 15 bucks a year MLW isnt worth it.

    Again cant wait to see if you guys ever cover that one. Love everything about this place.

  2. This site is a great idea. The first really creative idea I’ve seen in ages in regards to anything news/insider reporting. in time I would say this site will grow and become more popular. Kudos to you.


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