025 – Major Coverage of WWE Out of Brooklyn Weekend | Alvarez Tantrum Over Sheet Sandwich | Divas Meltdown | Rear View Wrestling Observer from 05/04/1987

Les, Hugh & Sealia are back to talk all of the fallout from the huge weekend in coverage from WWE’s epic weekend in Brooklyn, New York, including the main narratives coming out of the major news websites. PW Torch and Voices of Wrestling give complete 260 degree view of the shows, while F4Wonline give basic recaps with Alvarez reading results to Dave Meltzer – we break down the differences. Also, Bryan Alvarez is boycotting Sheet Sandwich, we tell you why, as well as offer AUDIO EVIDENCE that Alvarez was not as clear with his details as he thought. Dave Meltzer makes the Divas Revolution Clear As Mud, and Sealia helps break down he reaction to the Divas backlash from Monday, as well as the reaction on Twitter. Then, Hugh and Les jump back in time for the Rear View segment for May 4th, 1987, with Dave Meltzer’s worst fears coming true regarding Mike Von Erich’s suicide, Dave’s state of the business for Crockett and much, much more.

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