04/19/15 – Daily News Update

We’re looking for correspondents to recap and review coverage from other leading pro wrestling news sites. If you’re a member of the Torch, PWInsider, MLW, ProWrestling.net, or even WrestlingObserver.com and have an opinion about the coverage they offer, we want to hear from you! Our main email is down at the moment, but you can email us at herb.h.moore@gmail.com in the meantime if you’re interested.

We have complete coverage on the site of the Todd Martin situation and his departure from WrestlingObserver.com/F4Wonline.com, discussing all the latest news and what is known and not known so far, including statements from Dave Meltzer and Martin himself on the matter plus a ton of speculation on why and when he might return.

We also look at Dave Meltzer’s cough, and how he may have gotten it and when, including the reaction to some members of the site who don’t like hearing the cough on audio.

Also on the site, check out the latest Bix controversy as we discuss his behavior on twitter during the UFC-on-Fox special over the weekend.

Today’s News Update

** Bryan Alvarez seems increasingly disinterested in wrestling coverage, even in his audio shows lately. Earlier this week he inexplicably was unable to perform his duties as host of Wrestling Observer Live on the SportsByline Broadcasting Network because of “prior engagements” (which makes no sense when you think of it). Then, last night, during the pro wrestling news coverage portion of his podcast with Dave Meltzer and Tom Lawlor, when discussing the news on Daniel Bryan’s injury, Alvarez referred to the former WWE Champion as “Bryan Danielson”—a name the performer hasn’t used in years.

** More questionable actions out of the BOARD~! with regard to the Todd Martin situation. It would appear that now a FOURTH thread has been moved from its original sub-forum into the purgatory known as MPI (Major Psychological Issues). Earlier today a thread started in the ProWrestling section, titled “Todd Martin headed to PWInsider or what?” suddenly showed up in MPI, having been moved by one of the Blue Names (forum moderators).

** Speculation is continuing to mount that Alvarez and Meltzer are scrambling to cover for the lack of Todd Martin on the site in the wake of the conspiracy that led to his departure. Toward the end of the week, Alvarez announced that there would be more “long form interviews” with wrestling personalities for members only. The current idea is that a guest will appear on the daily free radio show on SportsByline  for a few minutes, and then the show would continue for a longer duration on the members-only podcast. Sounds a lot like what Wade Keller over at the Torch has been doing for a long time…

** WrestlingObserver.com has also been re-posting old audio shows, called “Classic Audio” that they are resurfacing on the front page of the site. The latest one features Ronda Rousey. Ironic, considering it was a debate about her, and whether or not she had an agreement with WWE that led to the controversy surrounding Todd Martin and Michael Coughlin.

** Joe Babinsack is set to return to pro wrestling journalism over at the Camel Clutch Blog You can follow Babinsack in anticipation of his return on Twitter @babinsack1

** Pro Wrestling Torch is claiming to reach the most wrestling fans every week, citing that they are #1 in iTunes, the iPhone, iPad, Android and Kindle.

** Still waiting to see who will be the first news site to offer live coverage on Meerkat or Periscope