05/23/15 – Weekend News Update

All things considered it’s been a pretty slow news day in wrestling with much of the TNA news kind of simmering down to a low boil I guess now that the initial sting of the news has died down.

Also, there’s a UFC show to focus on this weekend, so Meltzer’s attention has been diverted from feeding the trolls out to get him for his report.

We have a new edition of our podcast, Talking Sheet on the site today. The episode was recorded prior to my leaving town “on assignment.” So we have a fun look at the F4W BOARD~! as well as a review of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter from January 19th, 1987 on the show.

The latest edition of my weekly column Deep Insider is also on the site documenting my startling discovery when entering the PWInsider Elite message board.

We also have a new comic contribution by the brilliant cartoon satirist MeatyFist on the site as well.

If you haven’t already, check out our story on the site from the other day looking at the Meltzer/Observer story and the reaction online since the story has broken.

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Weekend News Update

** Sean Radican of the PW Torch has been lighting Twitter up with his thoughts on Mike Johnson, PWInsider and how Johnson has been handling this whole situation with TNA being canceled, and Dave Meltzer getting a ton of heat with TNA and its most rabid fanbase for reporting the story in the first place.

PW Torch's Sean Radican has recently had Dave Meltzer's back in the TNA story
PW Torch’s Sean Radican has recently had Dave Meltzer’s back in the TNA story

** Radican also implored Billy Corgan, Smashing Pumpkins frontman and newly anointed TNA Creative savior, (and anyone else in TNA, really) to address the merits of Meltzer’s story from earlier in the week, and not just hide behind blanket, vague statements and accusations that Meltzer is irresponsible.

** Corgan had earlier cited a really vague, poorly argued article by Mike Johnson basically playing semantics with Meltzer’s story as one of the reasons not to believe that Impact Wrestling has been canceled by Destination America.

** Meltzer, for his part, had been up to his neck in criticism and lunatics for the better part of two days, before finally brushing off the issue and moving on. His stance all along was for someone, anyone, in TNA to outright deny what he had reported if it was untrue or unsubstantiated. No one in TNA has been able to do so.

** F4WOnline has a report that the Cena va Kevin Owens match at Elimination Chamber will be a non-title match. No specificity given, so I guess that means neither title is on the line.

** “Sunny Says She Actually Is Considering a Porn Career After All. Big Shocker” – classy report on a classy story by Dave Scherer here.

** The story includes this gem from Scherer: “Hey Tammy, how about a dirty locker room then? Anyway, the 42 year old Sytch said that she doesn’t care who the guy is that plays opposite her is “as long as he’s hot”. Maybe she will set him on fire to get him that way, nothing surprises me where she is concerned.”

** Scherer practically weeping and apoplectic here as he responds to a reader’s question on why people seem to be so happy about Impact’s potential cancelation:

…I don’t understand why anyone would be happy if TNA went out of business. If those people don’t like it, don’t watch it. But to hope it goes out of business? To me that is selfish, self-absorbed behavior. Now if someone worked for them and feel that got screwed, fine. But if you are just a wrestling fan, you are a dick if you hope they go out of people because good people will lose their jobs and people that like the product won’t have it anymore.

I can tell you this, I have been told that TNA’s contract with Destination America does allow for it to be canceled. Since Corgan is booking the product now, if DA likes what they see, there is no reason to cancel it in September.

** WrestleZone has a look at Scott Hall backing out Global Force Wrestling, and speculating that it could be WWE related.

** They also have another story looking at Josh Mathews being Josh Mathews over Samoa Joe being in NXT.

** WrestlingInc. has a recap of a Mirror UK interview with Kurt Angle here.

Today’s News vs Plugs count – News: 651, Plugs: 3487. Another epic loss for the news… Ironic, given the week it’s been.


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