05/28/15 – Daily News Update

Still digging out from under our massive backlog that piled up after we were on assignment for the past week and a half. Want to thank everyone again for their patience on that score.

Beyond thrilled to report that we received our Super Stern Stick yesterday, and can’t wait to start digging into the contents—particularly those old newsletters! Now that we’re back from assignment, we should be scheduling an interview with Mr. Stern himself. So stay tuned for that treat soon. (Schedules permitting).

We’ll be back this weekend with an all new edition of our podcast, Talking Sheet, where Hugh Little and myself cover all the coverage from major pro wrestling news sites and newsletters. Should be a jam packed episode this week, with so much to talk about over the last couple of weeks, and how everything broke, and then broke down, with regard to the TNA story, and then ROH getting on Destination America.

We’ll also have our next installment of Deep Insider, looking at my at times questionable foray into Elite membership at PWInsider.com.

I should also have a detailed look back at what I’m fondly referring to as the Sheet Wars—how all the major news sites, and reporters, weighed in on the TNA story, TNA’s reaction, winners, losers, and how social media played a role in how the story escalated (and devolved) into embittered personal attacks.

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Thursday News Update

** I guess the biggest news stories being covered today are the TNA contract renewals that were announced. This is the story where, apparently, a lot of the contracts that were automatically set to roll over this year, are now rolling over (and have so since January) and now TNA, in what many describe as a PR move, are making a big deal about it.

** Dave Meltzer addressed the issue in his daily update today, writing:

TNA announced signings of contacts by Eddie Edwards, Davey Richards and Bram. I guess people forget that TNA had already announced the Edwards & Richards signing back in January. I was told that this announcement regarded a contract rollover that took place in January and not anything new. Apparently the idea is to announce a bunch of contract signings today.

** PW Torch has a good run down of all the talents who’s contracts have been “renewed” and when here.

** Dave Scherer from PWInsider has an announcement here that TNA has signed Bram, and a fond wish that they “get Austin Aries done soon.”

** James Caldwell has a timeline of the TNA and ROH on Destination America story.

** PWInsider has a story on from “VOC Nation” recapping an appearance by ROH COO Joe Koff, interviewed by Greg DeMarco talking details of the ROH deal with Destination America, and giving a brief update on #JoeWatch, talking Samoa Joe’s status now that ROH has a national TV deal.

** Speaking of #JoeWatch, PWInsider’s Mike Johnson fields reader questions here, and among them Samoa Joe’s status. Johnson writes:

There is no agreement between WWE and Ring of Honor. Triple H has authorized a deal for Joe that allows him a lot more freedom as the two sides begin to work together. It’s possible Joe will later be signed to a more traditional, restrictive deal but until then, the indies, including ROH will reap the benefits while NXT gets the additional “street credibility” of having Joe in the mix.

** Scherer on his Elite audio show with some other guy actually speculated that Samoa Joe might now be in a position to go back to WWE and ask them what it’s worth to them to keep him off of ROH now that they have a national TV deal…

** Probably worth listening to the Jim Cornette Experience from about the 25 minute mark, when Cornette learned “live” about the ROH deal with Destination America, and then immediately went to his previously scheduled call with Dave Meltzer. You can listen to the show here.

** Brock Lesnar is coming back next month and in July in what is being described as a lead up to whatever he is doing at SummerSlam. While most people have been anticipating Rollins vs Lesnar, Bryan Alvarez reported on Wrestling Observer Live today that one of the current ideas may be Seth Rollins vs Triple H at SummerSlam.

** James Caldwell has the PW Torch update on Lesnar here listing the dates as 7/19 for Battleground, 6/22 for Raw a week after Money in the Bank, 7/6, 7/13, and 7/20.

** Josh Nason has an update on Lesnar’s newly announced dates as 7/19 for Battleground and 6/22 for Raw here.

** PWInsider’s Dave Scherer has their version of the story here, listing Lesnar for the 6/22 Raw and the 7.19 Battleground PPV.

** Scherer was back with another update on more Lesnar dates (7/6 & 7/13) as well as other random WWE and NXt talent news here.

** Rusev injury updates from the major sites:

** WrestleZone has wasted no time jumping on news out of this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter that WWE is interested in signing AJ Styles here.

** Mike Killam from WrestleZone has a look at early reviews for the Rock’s new film San Andreas here.

** Mark Madden has a scathing look from a couple days ago at Billy Corgan, which I actually just noticed today, because I was traveling when he posted it.

** Today’s F4WOnline News vs Plugs – News: 3055, Plugs: 1401


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