070 – Lance Storm vs All of the World | Bryan Alvarez BLAWKS everyone * bullies Granny | Meltzer & Jim Ross Lie About Larry Sweeney’s Death | Meltzer & Keller JOUST on WWE Raw and Dr. Phil | Hugh’s Views | Podcasts of the Week | Click List & More

Les & Hugh talk about Lance Storm’s reaction to Balls Mahoney’s Death including his insensitive remarks on twitter. We also look at his reaction to Brian Last’s questions regarding Chris Jereicho’s misshapen chest, and how Storm overreacts, plus Last’s labeling of Storm as a “droll, county” person. We talk about the reaction Bryan Alvarez has been receiving on his on BOARD after his “BLAWKED~!” tired, bullying of Granny and his exploitation of mentally ill Brent Kremen.

Dave Meltzer and Jim Ross both recklessly discuss the five year anniversary of Larry Sweeney by making it sound like he suffered from an overdose and died of a heart attack as opposed to a mentally ill suicide due to a bi-polar break. Both Ross and Meltzer came across as such ill-informed amateurs here that it’s hard to believe neither have offered an apology for how wrong they were in characterizing Sweeney’s death.

We have a fun JOUST segment where Dave Meltzer and Wade Keller go head to head on how long WWE Raw felt this past week, as well as how Dr. Phil came across on the show Monday.

Hugh offers his views of the week, while Les provides his Podcast Highlights of the week, along with his ClickList of must-read articles from the past week in coverage.

Listen to Jim Valley interviews Lance Russell @ Cauliflower Alley:

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