071 – Granny Audio Quality | Chyna’s Death | Finn Balor vs Samoa Joe | Preview our ANNIVERSARY SHOW | Hugh’s View| Sealia Sees It | Les’ ClickList

We are back this week, as Les, Sealia and Hugh discuss Granny’s Major Audio Upgrade on the Bryan & Vinny Show, we talk all of the different reactions to Chyna’s death including comparing the reactions of Dave Meltzer and Wade Keller in their first two minutes of covering the former WWE Superstar’s death. m5cdjyzu

We take a deep dive look at how everyone covers and reacts to her contributions to the industry from Meltzer, Mitchell, and Jim Ross.

Second topic revolves around the house show title change in a match between Finn Balor and Samoa Joe including coverage of whether or not this reportage is a spoiler or not, and what the speculation of its outcome means to long term plans in WWE.

Finally Hugh and Sealia give their views for the week, and Les offers insight into his week;y Clicklist, including a recent article by Papa Hales on Wrestling With Words that everyone should read.

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