Hamilin’s Raw Coverage Off to a Rough Start

Jeff Hamilin has taken over Raw Recap duties for Rob McCarron over at WrestlingObserver.com. Like Rob, Jeff is doing live coverage throughout the show. Unlike Rob, Jeff does not have a relatively entertaining wrestling podcast of his own. The live coverage also appears to have led to some sloppy execution. In one recap he managed to spell Dean Ambrose’s name three different ways (Ambrose, Amrbrose, Amrbose). He appears to believe WWE Lucha Dragon member Kalisto’s name is spelled “Calisto”.
The comedy of errors continued, as Damien Mizdow became Mizdom (which actually does sound better, but is still wrong) Jamie Noble became Knoble while “Brey” Wyatt and “Bryon Sexton” made cameos in the report as well.
As egregious as these errors were, however, the most unforgivable front to wrestling coverage may have been this nonsequitorial gem of a “joke” about Bray Wyatt cutting “another promo harder to understand than Dane Cook’s success.”


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