Keller Plugging Martin Hard as Former F4W Host Debuts

PW Torch Editor Wade Keller’s shiny new toy has arrived, and he wants everyone to know.

No, really. He wants you to KNOW!

In the days since Keller and former Wrestling Observer / F4Wonline contributor Todd Martin announced that Martin had signed on to become a staff member at the Torch, Keller’s twitter and VIP audio updates have been brimming over with plugs for Martin’s debut.

The latest development is that the Torch is offering a coupon code for anyone finding their way to the Torch because of Todd Martin, and wanting to give it a try.

“The coupon code “iwanttodd” works with a 1 month, 3 month, or 1 year PWTorch VIP sub at – his first show is up now!”

Keller, on Twitter Wednesday night, spent more than 45 minute flooding his account with plugs and accolades for Martin, furiously flogging his new staffer publicly in hopes that he would attract a new audience.

Early indications are it is working to a degree. Sheet Sandwich has received several notes from current and former F4Wonline subscribers who are giving the Torch a try to sample the new Todd show with Keller.

All indications so far have been that it was a good show, though not particularly noteworthy. Reports we’ve received have been that it’s basically just Todd being Todd, talking to Wade. “Exactly what you’d imaging,” said one correspondent.

Sheet Sandwich should have a review up on the site tomorrow.


  1. I listened to the Keller/Martin show. It was a good solid show. Good value because it was nearly 2 hours. And they just talked, unlike when Bryan was being super annoying with Todd.

  2. I wonder if Keller’s other staffer are starting to get Jealous with all this Todd love he’s confessing to the masses. Now if we could just get a PW Torch writer to jump ship to WON/F4W because he felt devalued, then we would really have some fireworks!

    Les, do we know how long this iwanttodd offer will be valid?

  3. Just listened to Todd’s show on the Torch. I felt it was ok. Keller doing his thing of leading the conversation with Todd expounding on the topic. It just seemed too…… Nice. Too blah. I prefer when Todd is a little adversarial. Same way I prefer Bruce Mitchell. They’re at their best when defending their opinions or attacking others’ opinions. Now a Todd Martin/Bruce Mitchell could be money.


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