Popular Pundits Make Their Extreme Predictions

With Extreme Rules taking place later on today, live from the All State Arena in Chicago, Illinois, the wrestling sites are buzzing with predictions for who will win the matches.

We’ve collected the predictions of six top tier talents from around the web, and look at their predictions.

  • Bryan Alvarez, Dave Meltzer, and Tom Lawlor from Saturday Night’s Wrestling Observer Radio prediction roundtable.
  • Pat McNeill from his PWTorch column.
  • Erik Beaston from Bleacher Report.
  • Todd Martin, independent contributor who’s predictions were made on Shake Them Ropes this past Tuesday.

Kidd & Cesaro vs New Day for the WWE Tag Team Title

Kidd/Cesaro: Lawlor, Meltzer, McNeill, Martin, Beaston
New Day: No one
No Pick: Alvarez*

Dean Ambrose vs Luke Harper, Chicago Street Fight

Ambrose: Lawlor, Meltzer, McNeill, Martin, Beaston
Luke Harper: No one
No Pick: Alvarez*

Nikki Bella vs Namoi for the WWE Divas title

Nikki Bella: Meltzer, Martin, Beaston
Naomi: Lawlor, McNeill
No Pick: Alvarez*

Sheamus vs Dolph Ziggler, Kiss Me Arse match

Sheamus: Meltzer, Lawlor, McNeill, Martin
Ziggler: Beaston
No Pick: Alvarez*

Daniel Bryan vs Wade Barrett for the Intercontinental Title

No Match: Lawlor, Meltzer
Barrett: McNeill, Beaston
Bryan: Martin
Finn Balor: Alvarez*

John Cena vs Rusev for the United States Title

Cena: Lawlor, Meltzer, McNeill, Martin, Beaston
Rusev: No one
No Pick: Alvarez*

Roman Reigns vs Big Show, Last Man Standing

Reigns: Lawlor, Meltzer, McNeill, Martin, Beaston
Big Show: No one
Boring Match: Alvarez*

Seth Rollins vs Randy Orton for the WWE World Heavyweight Title

Rollins: Lawlor, Meltzer, Beaston, Martin
Orton: McNeill
No Pick: Alvarez*



*When compiling the predictions for this show, I realized that, though he discussed every match with Lawlor and Meltzer on his show last night, Bryan Alvarez actually did not commit to any single match prediction on the show, other than to say that he thought Finn Balor should debut as a replacement for Daniel Bryan, and defeat Wade Barrett for the IC Title.


  1. Wow. This site really is a bash WO/4W circle jerk. You include an Alvarez pick, even though he didn’t make any predictions only to point out that he didn’t make any predictions. Like, seriously. You’re unbelievable.

    • You don’t think that it’s reasonable to expect the host, and co-owner of a premium pay site that charges more for a subscription than WWE does for their digital network to make predictions for a major event while hosting a “Predictions” segment on one of his biggest podcasts of the week?

      I thought it would be a more entertaining way of pointing out the lack of effort than simply calling the guy lazy, and mailing it in lately.


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