TS Mid-Week Round Table 001 – Kris Zellner, Dylan Hales, Sealia Bloom | Bret Hart Cancer | Lesnar | WWE Fastlane | Lucha Underground | More

Sheety Award Winners, Kris Zellner of Between the Sheets & Exile on Bradstreet and Dylan Hales from Place to Be Nation join Les Moore and Sealia Bloom to talk coverage of the emerging news of the week.

Topics include:

Bret Hart’s Prostate Cancer

Undertaker vs. Braun at WrestleMania—Is it on?

WWE Raw Ratings are back down

Is Brock Lesnar no longer a special attraction?

Fastlane Main Event Logic

AJ Styles & Miz segment on RAW

Owens vs. Ziggler Result

Lillian Garcia’s Grammy Guffaw

Sunny’s flick


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