008 – Dave Meltzer’s Dusty Obituary | Quick Newsletter Recap | Podcast “Listen List” for the week | Hugh’s Views & Power Rankings | Feb. 23 ’87 Wrestling Observer

Just over two hours of Sheet coverage, from the Observer’s Dusty Rhodes obituary to all of the career retrospects and remembrances of Rhodes over the past week of Podcasting, Les and Hugh share their views on it all. Then, they get into Hugh’s Views on what happened in wrestling news this week, cover the Power Rankings for the message boards and then jump back to 1987 for another look at Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter from February 23, 1987 in this jam-packed edition of Talking Sheet.

Talking Sheet is the wrestling podcast where we go in-depth for analysis on all the coverage in popular insider wrestling newsletters like Wrestling Observer, Figure Four Weakly, Pro Wrestling Torch and more!

Timestamps courtesy of Hugh Little! (@HughLittleSheet)

Bull Sheet (Show intro) 0:00 – 4:45
Dynamite Kid 4:46 -10:14
Les’s Top Story – Meltzer’s Dusty Obit 10:15 – 31:22
Listen List (Podcasts) 31:23 – 43:39
PW Torch customer service win pt. 2 43:40 – 47:37
Hugh’s Views 47:38 – 55:54
Power Ranking 55:55 – 1:04:36
Know your Sheet 1:04:37 – 1:07:28
Hugh’s New Role 1:07:29 – 1:09:50
Rear View 1:09:51 – 2:13:58



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