Coughlin Controversy Crashes Contest

King of the BOARD~! Tournament Up in Flames After Alvarez Draws the Line

Former F4W audio host and columnist Mike Coughlin on Thursday issued a personal threat to PWTorch staff member and show host Todd Martin that has once again sent the membership community at F4Wonline teetering on the brink.

Over the past several weeks Board~! member IFLAM (IFeelLikeAMark) had been organizing a multifaceted super tournament of members who would face off in a virtual popularity contest. Late last week the competition apparently had its set piece in place—posted by member Rican was a video “promo” cut by former MMA columnist and Five Star Radio show host Mike Coughlin threatening to kill Todd Martin.

Famously, earlier this spring, the two former F4W personalities squared off in an intense confrontation on the BOARD~! that ultimately led to both men leaving (or being forced from) the site. It was during this vicious screed that the touchy subject of Martin’s mother having been deceased first arose.


Coughlin, playing off that, invoked Martin’s mother’s death again as part of his promo.

“We all follow in the footsteps of our parents…” Coughlin said in the video, before promising to ensure that, at King of the Board, he would make sure Todd Martin “follows in the footsteps of his mother.”

Coughlin would then leave nothing to the imagination, explicitly stating, “I’m going to kill Todd Martin.”

While some argued that this was all in the spirit of the King of the Board Tournament, many instantly sought to distance themselves from the competition, and Coughlin’s video specifically.

Fingers were pointed, and excuses were made, but in the end it was word from on high that came crashing down on the BOARD~! in the form of the latest threat from Bryan Alvarez hinting at finality if things were not instantly rectified and the Coughlin video disappeared.

“This Coughlin stuff needs to be gone like faster than immediately or this is gonna be the end.”

Whether Alvarez meant the end of the MPI “unmoderated” section, or the BOARD~! as a whole was unclear… but, for now, it would appear that all is safe.

The massive, 80 page KotB thread was locked, and BOARD~! moderators swiftly swooped in over the next several hours and wipe clean all appearances of the Coughlin video.

More details as they emerge.


  1. Why is Bryan continuing to protect Todd from a community he isn’t even involved in anymore, and censoring a man who no longer works for the site and has been banned from THE BOARD~?

  2. sweet Christ, Coughlin really is a miserable piece of shit. Todd’s mom died when he was young, he was close to her, and it was really difficult for him; I remember him writing about it in the past. Maybe Coughlin made a mistake the first time, but doing this shit now, he comes off like a legit sociopath. What a worthless human being.

  3. F4W sure picks some winners to write for the site. Maybe they should start looking around for new contributors who are not psychotic? I think that is a good way to start.

    • Dude you hit the nail on the head. Coughlin has proved himself to be one of the most despicable disgusting human beings out there. I don’t have a fucking clue why Bryan/Dave would have ever wanted to associate themselves with him.

  4. Coughlin needs to be fired and banished for all time. Can’t believe that moron would post that video after he already cost all of us paying subscribers Todd Martin.

    The worst part is that Coughlin’s podcasts are the shits and nobody listens to them. His live coverage of a UFC show was completely inept, to the point that Dave publicly buried it.

    Coughlin should be writing columns alongside Joe Babinsack on Camel Clutch. In fact, The Sack should be featured over Martin, as The Sack seems to have a shred of integrity.


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