2016 Sheety Nominees Revealed

Yesterday on our weekend Talking Sheet Prime episode, Sealia Bloom, Hugh Little and I announced the nominees for this year’s Sheety Awards. Polls will open late Sunday evening or early Monday morning (depending on your time zone). More details are forthcoming regarding how long the polls are open, and when we will have our second annual Gala Event, the Sheetys Awards podcast episode.

Check back later for the official polls or follow on twitter @prowrestling to be notified as soon as the polls open.


Best Show Reviews

Voices of Wrestling
Wrestling Observer
PW Torch
411 Mania
Wrestling With Words

Best Show Previews

Voice of Wrestling
PW Torch
Wrestling Observer
411 Wrestling
Cageside Seats

Best Breaking News

Wrestling Observer
Pro Wrestling Sheet
PW Torch

Best News Aggregator

Cageside Seats
PWPNation / Powerhouse Nation

Best Analysis/Opinion/Commentary

Wrestling Observer
PW Torch
Wrestling With Words
Voices of Wrestling
Pro Wrestling Dot Net


Best News Reporter

Dave Meltzer
Ryan Satin
David Bixenspan
Casey Michael
Mike Johnson

Best Columnist

Bruce Mitchell
Sean Radican
Barry Hess
Brandon Howard
JR Goldberg

Best Reviewer

Sean Radican
Dave Meltzer
Wade Keller
Joe Lanza
Larry Csonka


Best Host

Sean Ross Sapp
John Pollock
Rob McCarron
Wade Keller
Kris Zellner

Best Co-Host

Joe Lanza
Wai Ting
David Bixenspan
Todd Martin
Mike Sempervive

Best Voice

John Pollock
Britt Whitmire
Johnny Sorrow
Karl Stern
Jason Powell

Best Podcast Network

Voices of Wrestling
PW Torch
Live Audio Wrestling

Best Guest Appearance

Jeff Hawkins, Between the Sheets
Jim Ross
Dave Meltzer
Dylan Hales
Steve Austin

Best Retro Podcast

The Lapsed Fan
Bryan and Vinny Retro Tuesdays
Dragonking Classic Wrestling Audio
Between The Sheets


Best Indy Coverage

Voices of Wrestling
PW Torch
Wrestling with Words
Indy Corner

Best Japan Coverage

Voices of Wrestling
Wrestling Observer
Eastern Lariat Podcast
Puroresu Spirit
Wrestling with Words

Best Lucha Coverage

Figure 4 Weekly / Dr. Lucha
Wrestling Observer
Lucha Talk

Best Women’s Wrestling Coverage

Squared Circle Sirens
Diva Dirt
Wrestling with Words


Biggest Meltdown

Brian Last on Lance Storm
Dave Meltzer Tweeting
Alverez about WWE
Ringside News twitter threatening to murder Les Moore

Best Twitter Feed


Best Rant

Lanza going off on Twitter
Cornette on Russo
Dylan Hales on the TNA mess

Most Thoroughly Beaten Dead Horse

Three Hour Raw is Too Long
Roman Reigns Should Be Heel
Stephanie McMahon Emasculating Wrestlers
“Bad” Fan/Crowd Chants
50/50 Booking in WWE


Writer of the Year

Dave Meltzer
Barry Hess
David Bixenspan
Brandon Howard
JR Goldberg

Article of the Year

Making Towns – Before My World Grows Dark” by Mike “Papa” Hales
This is Not a Necro Butcher Article (Okay, It Is)” by Jr Goldberg
Thank You Bryan Danielson” by Larry Csonka
The Great Wight Hope” by David Bixenspan
Ricochet vs Will Ospreay: Subjective Art vs Objective Art” by Barry Hess

Story of the Year

Daniel Bryan Retirement
New Japan Exodus
TNA On Life Support
Women’s Revolution
Hogan vs. Gawker lawsuit

Free Site of the Year, Original Content, News or Commentary

Pro Wrestling Sheet
411 Mania
Voices of Wrestling
Wrestling With Words

Pay Site of the Year

PW Torch VIP
PWInsider Elite
Pro Wrestling.Net

Podcast of the Year, News & Commentary

Voices of Wrestling Flagship
Between the Sheets
The Fix w/ Todd Martin
Shake Them Ropes

Personality Podcast of the Year

Something to Wrestle With Bruce Prichard
Ric Flair
Ross Report
Steve Austin Show

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