2016 Sheety Awards Nominations Are Open

Second Annual Sheety Awards Gala Officially Kicks Off November 1, 2016

Sheet Heads, we are beyond thrilled to announce that the nomination period for our second annual gala awards event— the 2016 Sheety Awards—is now open.

We are looking at the period from November 8, 2015 to November 1, 2016.

Categories will remain largely the same with a few minor adjustments and some additions.

First, in the Site Awards, you will note that we have combined the Best Analysis and the Best Opinion/Commentary award due to this being confusing last year, and there not really being enough of a difference to warrant two separate awards for its intent.

We have also added a Best Retro Podcast award to the Specialty Coverage awards category. This is a fast-growing content area for wrestling coverage, and we wanted to recognize the best in this class, too. Podcasts nominated in this class are also eligible to be nominated for Podcast of the Year as well.

Finally, we’ve added a Most Thoroughly Beaten Dead Horse award to the Miscellaneous Awards category. This is for the talking point or news story that, by the end of the eligibility period, you were just plain sick of hearing about.

The nomination period is open for one month, and will end on December 1, 2016.

This will then be followed by a voting process the length of which will be determined and outlined in a future post following final nominees being announced.

Please send your nominations to me via email at Les @ SheetSandwich.com or via Direct Message on Twitter @prowrestling or @TalkingSheetPod.

You may also use those means of communication to ask any questions that may arise about nominations or the nominating process.


Best Show Reviews
Best Show Previews
Best Breaking News
Best Analysis/Opinion/Commentary


Best News Reporter
Best Columnist
Best Reviewer


Best Host
Best Co-Host
Best Voice
Best Podcast Network
Best Guest Appearance


Best Indy Coverage
Best Japan Coverage
Best Lucha Coverage
Best Women’s Wrestling Coverage
Best Retro Podcast


Writer of the Year
Article of the Year
Story of the Year
Free Site of the Year
Pay Site of the Year
Podcast of the Year


Biggest Meltdown
Best Twitter Feed
Best Rant
Most Thoroughly Beaten Dead Horse


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