Apter’s Unconventional Approach to Reporting Landel Death

1Wrestling.com’s Bill Apter, the venerable wrestling journalist who was once an editor and photographer for Pro Wrestling Illustrated did not let technological limitations get in his way Monday afternoon.

In reporting on the death of former Mid-Atlantic and Mid-South wrestling star Buddy Landel (who passed away at the age of 53 on Monday following what are believed to be complications related to an automobile accident over the weekend), Apter had Landel friend and Rock N Roll Express legend Ricky Morton on the line to discuss the wrestler’s passing.

While some may assume that “on the line” meant something akin to the way Bryan Alvarez or Wade Keller have guests or callers “on the line” — patched into the audio feed in order for the sound to be leveled as part of the master audio track — they’d assume wrong.

Apter, who had Morton ON HIS CELL PHONE, would be seen in his video update holding the phone up near the computer’s microphone in order to capture Morton’s voice.



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