Scathing Allegations Surface in Coughlin vs Martin Drama

“He tried to get my law license suspended!” claims ousted former MMA host and BOARD~! Moderator

In a scathing exposé revealed to the Sandwich by former message board chronicler “IFeelLikeAMark,” Mike Coughlin let loose via direct messages on Twitter, explaining his side of the story, unleashing a torrent of claims against Martin, and lashing out against Wrestling Observer legend Dave Meltzer.

Coughlin, who was up until recently the host of the Five Star Radio Show (in truth, just another podcast) and billed by the site as “one of the best analysts in the MMA game today” providing “legendary” pre-show previews, disappeared from the site earlier this month just hours after Todd Martin’s final post following the now infamous altercation between the two over Ronda Rousey’s official status with WWE.

In an interview via Twitter Direct Messages obtained Tuesday evening by the Sandwich, Coughlin reveals a potential conspiracy between Todd and Meltzer to have him ousted from the site, claiming a witch hunt in that the two didn’t like him and wanted him gone.

“It’s literally two ppl that don’t like me,” Coughlin said in one message.

Coughlin would also sum up the events that transpired during the Rousey debate, wherein he unleashed a screed against Martin covered on the Sandwich this past weekend. In it, he claimed Martin was a “fuckwad,” insinuated that Martin was dumb and didn’t realize how much, and further claimed Martin’s late mother to be obese.

That, however, was in reaction to Martin initially referring to Coughlin as a “cunt.”

Coughlin explains: “Todd insulted me. I fired back. He cried. I knew doubling down was pointless.”

The exiled host and columnist would also address recent aspersions cast on his professional ethic while working in the capacity of site reporter during a UFC event involving former professional wrestler Phil Brooks (aka CM Punk).

Meltzer had harsh, critical words to say about Coughlin’s coverage, or lack there of, during the press conference announcing Brooks’ signing with UFC, among other problems the Observer writer had with the way Coughlin represented the site in his reports.

“[It] was the night of the Punk announcement he was going to UFC,” Meltzer said, addressing the topic on his message board. “Our site had nothing on it because I wasn’t there and UFC held a press conference with Punk and our site wasn’t there.”

But Coughlin WAS there, acting in official capacity of the site, just not covering the event in a way Meltzer deemed appropriate.

When asked whether he was overreacting to the issue, and the way Coughlin covered the event that evening, Meltzer went on: “If you think I’m overreacting to a guy not covering the main event and the guy on the site writing nothing about Punk when UFC brought him out for the press to interview him and he was in Las Vegas covering for this site, fine, I overreacted.”

Still, Coughlin was not terminated at the time, and his relationship with the site continued. Meltzer would address this, too, in part by saying, “I knew the guy was going through a tough time, but it was not something I wanted to ever happen again.”

Coughlin’s side sheds a much different light on this chain of events, however.

“What he’s saying is a lie. It’s telling about his character that he’s waited until I can’t respond to say anything. And that his story has changed since [December],” Coughlin told IFeelLikeAMark.

“I didn’t miss the main event… At the time he never mentioned Punk… He never told me or Tony (WONF4W web administrator) any of this. He leaves out that I gave him actual scoops on Punk and his training.

On the subject of Dave addressing Coughlin’s personal issues and “going through some stuff,” Coughlin isn’t buying it: “Like dave knows ANYTHING about my personal life. He takes a personal shot at me AND waits until I’m not there to respond. I would say it’s classless, but I doubt he has the legit social skills to understand what he did was wrong.”

Coughlin also claimed to IFeelLikeAMark that Martin had also tried to have his rival’s law license suspended, echoing a prevailing suspicion on the WONF4W BOARD~! over the last could of weeks, though few details are available at this time as to when this may have occurred.

For his part, though, it would seem that Coughlin is taking his exile in stride.

“I love Bryan (Alvarez) and Tony and everyone else. Which is why I remain silent: not like any good would come. I think Dave and Todd’s actions can be judged on their own without my input.”


  1. Coughlin is such an oblivious fool. He has no idea about how high an opinion he has about himself. When you’re sent for a event to cover the main event and and CM Punk signing you are supposed to do just that! Unfortunately Mr.Genius Coughlin over here was busy playing slot machines it seems.

    BTW, Coughlin,.. FrontrowBrian had “scoops” before you did about training and other shit. FRB had the scoops. So basically your worthless scoops were irrelevant. So perhaps you need reassess your inadequacies and try to admit it.

    So Coughlin no need to try to suck up to Bryan. He isn’t helping you get your gig back. Good Luck though 🙂

  2. Guy doesn’t do his job, goes on a drunken rampage on a website, and is surprised when the co-owner of the site might not be happy about it. But he’s a victim, you can be sure about that. Whole thing makes me laugh, it’s not like the guy ever offered anything of value to the site, anyway. All this drama is pretty embarrassing.

  3. Coughlin is a strange guy and most of his contributions to F4/won were unprofessional, strange, useless and sometimes just plain creepy.

    Todd and Dave are professional journalists. They should not have to put up with the garbage he provided during that card in December.

    As far as his personal problems go, he made them well known to the point it affected the integrity of the web site.

    Good riddance.

  4. Cancelled my f4w/won subscription a few years ago. I thought Coughlin was okay in small doses, but his sense of humor got old after a while. Some details on his “drunken rampage” and his “personal problems” would be appreciated.

  5. My F4W sub runs out tomorrow and I’m done for good.

    I miss Todd Martin so bad, and Bryan has been a real let down these past few weeks.


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