017 – Guest Chris “Mookieghana” Harrington | WWE Conference Call Preview | WWE Business Review and Lawsuits | Mookie’s History of Numbers | Answering Hugh’s Qs

Les and Hugh welcome Chris Mookieghana Harrington to the show for a preview of the upcoming WWE conference call on Thursday, what to look for above and beyond the WWE Network subscriber numbers, reviewing WWE business and its various lawsuits, noting what impact they might have on the call. Then we talk Chris’ history analyzing the numbers in wrestling, how he got started and what makes them so fascinating. Then, Chris answers Hugh’s Qs.

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  1. I enjoyed the in-depth look at how WWE monetizes their product, and the conversation made me interested in better understanding the financial evolution of the business (especially when considering Cornette’s book titled: “Rags, Paper, and Pins”). I especially liked that there was minimal talk based on opinion and gossip (that I hear on lots of other podcasts) and more discussion focused on facts and results. Hope you do more stuff like this in the future!


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