027 – CRIME WEEK, Scandals & More | Snuka Murder| Performance Center Shooting | Hogan Begs | WWE Hall of Fame Diva Acts Out | Weekend Preview | Rear View | More

A full week of news coverage from the past 48 hours, PLUS a look back on the news from May 11, 1987.

Les and Hugh are back to discuss the mid-week news in pro wrestling. And what a week it has been so far! We have coverage of the shooting outside the WWE Performance Center of a “deranged” fanatic with a fixation on a female WWE employee, the early notes on Jimmy Snuka being charged for third degree murder of former girlfriend Nancy Argentino in what Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer rates a 9 on a scale of 1 – 10 on the shocking events scale. Charlotte Flair’ ex-husband “Bram” of TNA wrestling arrested on domestic abuse charges, and the #FlairFavors of news regarding Charlotte & Bram’s estrangement not previously being reported despite it being known inside the business.

Then we discuss the SCANDALS from the past few days, including the firing of Seth Rollins’ girlfriend Zahra Schreiber for Nazi imagery on social media, Hogan pleading for forgiveness of ABC television, and former WWE Diva Tammy Sytch responding to reports that WWE is unhappy with her new career path as a Skype sex cam girl.

We preview the weekend edition of the show, talk how you can hear us LIVE on Saturdays, and MORE.

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  1. So in one article that’s still on the front page, you complain that Dave is going too tabloid in his coverage of Chyna/HHH at the Piper funeral, which did become something of a public story (though a minor one) before Dave weighed in. But here you’re complaining that he didn’t mention anything about the Bram/Charlotte split, which wasn’t anyone’s business until the Bram arrest. So do you want more or less tabloidy coverage?

    • I think you’ve missed the point of the Chyna/HHH story. The point there was Dave, constantly complaining about how busy he is, spending an inordinate amount of time on that story trying to prove himself right and Waltman wrong. Whereas a minor mention of a relatively high profile couple splitting up would be right up the Observer’s alley, and often has been mentioned. If any other two wrestlers split, we’d hear it. Don’t kid yourself.

      Thanks for reading.

  2. BS – 0:00 – 1:53

    Mentally ill/Shooting at NXT – 1:54 – 10:16
    Bram Arrested – 10:17 – 13:55
    Fan attacks Ambrose – 13:56 – 15:04
    Snuka Charged with Murder – 15:05 – 24:33

    Seth Rollins girlfriend – 24:34 – 26:11
    Social Media Advice? – 26:12 – 31:44
    Hogan Apology – 31:45 – 41:45
    Tammy Sytch – 41:46 – 49:33

    Wrap up – 49:34 – 51:40

    Weekend Preview – 51:41 – 59:10

    Rear View – 59:11 – 1:58:44


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