028 – Snuka Recap | Muchnick vs Meltzer | Keller & Torch etc | Hogan vs N-Word, N-word & Kayfabe | Cena Injury | Dave on BOLA & Young Bucks | Newsletter Tidbits | WON HoF ballots | Hugh’s Views | sealia Sees It | More

Les & Hugh are back to discuss all the new in wrestling from the past week, including the unfortunate circumstances surrounding Jimmy SuperFly Snuka, the Immortal Hulk Hogan and more. We look at intrepid reporter Irv Muchnick’s stance on the Snuka situation, Hulk Hogan justifying his use of the term N-word, Dave Meltzer’s explanation of how that word fits in to the wrestling vernacular and more. Hugh & Les break down the WON HoF ballot, Hugh offers his views for the week, and Sealia breaks down the Divas scene as she sees it.

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