035 – Cena Out | What’s Next from Mitchell, Keller, Martin & Meltzer | Alvarez Sources | Observer Rehash | 25 Years of Mitchell | Hugh’s Views | Sealia Sees It & more

Big news this week as John Cena takes a leave of absence for personal reasons, and the wrestling world reacts as to why. Is it an angle? Is it legit? We cover all angles. Bryan Alvarez pretends he has sources that give him the inside scoop, when really he’s repeating Dave Meltzer and WOL caller information. We look at Dave Meltzer’s journey back 15 – 20 years to rehash old Observer stories in order to counter Eric Bischoff’s recent interview in the WWE Network with JBL. The Torch celebrates 25 Years of Bruce Mitchell, Sealia talks the Total Divas finale, Hugh;s Views & more.

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