034 – The BACK TO BASICS EDITION | Why is WWE not fixing Raw? | Ratings Recap | F4W Site Update | NXT Boosted by Exclusivity | VOW’s Bryan Rose Does Sting Gordy List & Much, Much More!

Les and Hugh return for a Back to Basics edition. Just Les and Hugh talking coverage of wrestling from the various sheets, including Meltzer and Caldwell reports on record-low Raw ratings, questions concerning Raw creative, and just how much can be blamed on football and more. We give a quick update on the F4Wonline site upgrade, as well as talk the latest from Karl Stern, from his new show formats to the new quality of his audio.

We talk one of the early winners of the week, with a look at the recent Bryan Rose article on Voices of Wrestling taking a look at whether Sting belongs in the Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame by applying the “Gordy List” to his consideration.

A really fun, laid-back edition of the show this week with Les and Hugh shooting the sheet about the week (so far) in wrestling.

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