039 – Is the Observer / F4Wonline Worth It | Meltzer v. Mitchell Joust | Inspector Ringside on Rusev | Hugh’s Views | Sealia Sees It

We are back today discussing the latest backlash on the F4W board, whether or not the subscription price of F4Wonline is still worth it. We look at PW Torch sr. columnist Bruce Mitchell’s reaction to Izzy crying last week on NXT, as well as Dave Meltzer flip-flopping on the issue. Bryan Alvarez’s deflated reaction to how the Rusev storyline has crumbled. Hugh is back with his Views for the week, and Sealia reacts to Filthy Tom Lawlor’s Top 10 Hottest Women in WWE list.

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Les Moore

Les Moore

Les Moore is a veteran ex-journalist, columnist and content marketing strategist. With more than 15 years spent subscribing to pay wrestling newsletters or websites, and at one time boasting a subscription to every reputable pay wrestling news service available, from Wrestling Observer, Pro Wrestling Torch, plus 1Wrestling.com and, later, PWInsider, Moore provides a unique perspective on how wrestling writers ply their trade.

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  1. theunknownsmark
    October 20, 2015 at 9:38 pm — Reply

    Great podcast. I love the three of you on this. Its funny because a lot of the things you talked about with variety of podcasts is covered by MLW radio. If they would just get a weekly podcast going about Lucha Libre (not only the present but its past as well) I would be in heaven. 20 bucks a year to support those guys too. I would say right now PWTorch has F4W beat on value right now as well.

    Keep up the great work!!

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