038 – Return of Hugh Little | Reactions to the Pro Wrestling Sheet | Breaking Down Torch & Observer Coverage of Raw Ratings | PWTorch Site Redesigned | Inspector Ringside vs Clear As Mud | Karl Stern July Marathon No More

Hugh Little returns to the show from his assignment to discuss all the new in pro wrestling. He gives his take on the emergence of a new Wrestling Sheet, as well as his special kudos to Voices of Wrestling’s Rob McCarron. Then, we break down all the coverage of how the Torch and Observer are covering the Raw ratings this week. We talk about the PWTorch site redesign and compare that to the recent update of the F4Wonline site. Inspector Ringside makes an appearance as he and Dave Meltzer are hot on the trail of what’s next in the Rusev/Summer Rae storyline, only to make things Clear As Mud for listeners. Les breaks the news to Hugh that Karl Stern plans to end the July Marathon after negative feedback derails him, plus a whole lot more.

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  1. Lol at guy on free podcast begging for donations questioning business model of two guys who are probably making six figures from their pay site.

  2. “When worlds collide, sometimes they collide with a thud.”
    -Les Moore

    Man Les, you always entertain me. I’m a huge fan of your subtle humor, slight jabs, irony, suggestions, etc.

    I like the way you get Hugh to open up. He’s like your version of Vinny, but you respect his opinions and give him the time to weigh in. Sometimes you have to draw him out, and that’s OK. I think the listener can be as patient with him as you are.

    I’ve been a listener since you appeared with Wade Keller on one of his podcast episodes, but haven’t yet taken the time to write you.

    Is Les Moore a work name? A play on Less/More? How about Hugh Little?

    Basically I love everything you do and your subtleties are not lost on me. Just like when wrestling used to have all these subtleties that caught my interest.



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