046 – Dylan Hales (@DylanWaco) Guests | Raw Ratings DOOMWATCH Redux | Coverage of the WWE World Championship Tournament | WWE Creative Struggles | Dylan Answers Hugh’s Qs | Wrestling Observer HOF Thoughts & Tons More

Dylan Hales joins Les and Hugh for a show that is on FIRE for the week.

Les & Hugh talk briefly about the upcoming Talking Sheet coverage awards, and reveal the results of the Sammys vs Sheetys debate… then, we welcome our special guest Dylan Hales to the show to discuss Dylan’s background in wrestling coverage, plus reactions to the latest awful WWE RAW ratings, and how the litmus test for success might be outdates… We look at the coverage of WWE’s recent creative struggles, and how the WWE title tournament seems to be failing at getting people interested in upcoming stories.

Dylan is then put in the hot seat to answer Hugh’s World Famous Qs – including two new questions never before asked of a guest!

Finally, Dylan talks the Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame, and reactions to the inductees, as well as questions surrounding who gets on the ballot, who chooses nominees, and whether racial significance should be considered vis a vis a figure like the Junkyard Dog.

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The Talking Sheet podcast goes in-depth for analysis on coverage of insider wrestling newsletters, sites, podcasts & more, covering pro wrestling!



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