045 – WWE Champion Seth Rollins Injured | Dave Meltzer Reacts | PW Torch Reports | Meltzer vs Mitchell | Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame | Year-End Awards | Sealia Sees It | Hugh’s Views | BONUS Live Show with Jeff Hawkins

One of the biggest shows of the year, featuring the triumphant return of Sealia Bloom to the mix. We talk the injury to WWE Champion Seth Rollins, including a breakdown of how all the major news sites reported the injury. Dave Meltzer and Bruce Mitchell JOUST over whether Dean Ambrose would make the best heel opponent for Roman Reigns and more. Then, we talk the Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame issue, and all of the various HOT TAKE reactions to that on Twitter, and in early response shows – including a big JOUST between PTBN’s Dylan Hales and VOW’s Joe Lanza! We outline all of our big nomination categories for the year-end Sheet Sandwich / Talking Sheet Awards (the Sammys or the Sheetys, YOU DECIDE) plus SEALIA BLOOM returns after a two week absence, and Hugh lets us know his views for the week.

All this PLUS, we tack on a special LIVE version of the show, featuring special, impromptu guest Jeff Hawkins talking everything from the Rollins injury to the WON HOF inductees and more!

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