047 – Rock Out of WrestleMania | Raw Cataclysm | WWE Tournament Conundrum | Depth Issues | Billy Gunn Fired | Sheetys | Guerrero Death | Sealia, Hugh & More!

Another jam-packed episode of Talking Sheet, as the gang runs down all the news of the week including the latest tidbits surrounding the Rock being out of the biggest show of the year, Raw Ratings Doom, and Creative falling flat on the WWE Heavyweight Championship tournament. This week’s JOUST proves that even Meltzer, Keller and Mitchell agree on some things, as we learn that WWE depth is at an all-time low. Les does his best to play Inspector Ringside after learning of Todd Martin’s speculation of Cesaro and more!

We run down the latest information on the SHEETYS awards, and set a deadline for nominations…

Sealia Bloom runs down the week in reviews from women’s wrestling and High Little offers his views, too!

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